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Canada's Largest Selection of
Pre-owned Harley-Davidson ® Motorcycles

Service - Robinson Motorcycles

Service Dept Info & Oil Changes


Brad Penn 20/50 Semi-Synthetic – $17.95

Drag Specialties 20/50 Oil, and Transmission Oil – $15.95

Drag Specialties Primary Oil  -$17.95

Kendal 80-140 Synthetic Gear Oil – $23.95

Oil Filters $11.95 to $15.95

Complete Engine Oil, Filter, Clutch/Primary & Transmission Fluid Service including our 36 point check list. We do this service WHILE YOU WAIT. Call for an appointment. Cost is approximately $115 labour plus the appropriate oils, filter, gaskets and O Rings, plus tax.

Engine Oil and Filter only Service $90 Labour plus oil and Filter plus tax.

Robinson Motorcycle Shop Labour Rate is $90 per hour plus tax.