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Warranty - Robinson Motorcycles

Robinson’s is Pleased to Present the Following Warranty Packages

Robinson 2021 Full Year Warranty Included at no extra charge.

Our Robinson FULL 2021 YEAR WARRANTY covers all Mechanical Components of the Engine, Transmission & Clutch. Both PARTS & LABOUR are covered at 50/50, meaning should anything be needed, it only costs you 50%, and we will absorb 50% of the repair order.

  • Covers all Mechanical Aspects & Mechanical Components of the Engine, Transmission & Clutch – Parts & Labour – for any Parts Breakage or Malfunction for the 2020 Calendar Year.
  • Does not cover Oil seal seepage or Electrical/Electronics, (eg. Heated Grips, Non Factory Original Speakers or Audio Components) or Normal Wear and Tear Items – I.E. Cam chains and Tensioners, Tires, Brakes, Belts.
  • Warranty is Always Valid, even if the Owner does their own Oil Changes and Service, OR, if you wish we can do the regular services for you.
  • Call us, Make an Appointment and Ride In- We will do all services while you wait at our low advertised prices.

Any Warranty work must be done at Robinson’s to qualify. It is your responsibility to bring the bike to us. If you choose to take your bike to any other shop then you assume all costs and responsibility.

ABUSE – Robinson’s may decline coverage in cases of abuse or abnormal use in the opinion of Robinson at their sole discretion.

At any time and for any reasons Robinson’s is no longer able to perform the maintenance services, decides to cancel the warranty/service program, or is no longer in business, the warranty / service program shall no longer be valid, and no future onus shall be held against Robinsons.

Full One to Three Year Cross Canada & USA Protection

Optional – valid at any Harley dealer or licensed motorcycle shop anywhere in Canada or USA.

For an additional charge you can get full protection from unexpected repair bills down the road valid at any Harley dealer or licenced motorcycle shop. This extended warranty program is offered by SAL Protection Plan and is backed by the Industrial Alliance Group of companies.

This warranty can be purchased for any motorcycle within the last ten model years (ex: in the year 2021, we can add warranty to model year 2012 and newer).  Coverage of the following components means peace of mind for you and protection for your investment.